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Owen and Cristina BELONG TOGETHER! Every single obstacle they’ve come across they have overcame, maybe not always smoothly but they came out on the other side OKAY! They may want different things when it comes to having kids, but I believe that they love each other so much that just having each…


The Shepherd family, 7 years later…

'Can You Like…………………..Not?' a novel by Calzona

You and I are throwing so much away. We should be together. You’re the love of my life, and it is stupid… just stupid… for us to keep pretending.


looks so good 

"Patrick Dempsey is very charming and funny.” 

Mariah McManus - Shame On You
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"Shame on you, you pulled a string and now everything’s unravelling. You watched it fall, you did nothing at all. Shame on you, and shame on me too."

- Mariah McManus (Shame On You)